9 Best DJ Software Apps

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For GarageBand, Logic Pro X, and Ableton.

Whether you are a musician, composer or music producer, or you are a DJ that is someone who mixes and layers with other people’s music, you might want an app that brings your creativity into reality.

For DJs and producers looking for a budget alternative to pricey DAWs, here are the best 9 DJ Software Apps to choose from.

I’ve included what I believe are the best-valued DJ Software Apps to download, like FL Studio, Mixvibes Cross, and Beatmaker 3, plus other great apps like Looptastic DJ, Toca Band, GeRpYrS, Pro Music Tools, and many more.

Ableton Multitrack Recording SoftwareBest OverallAbleton Multitrack Recording Software
Virtual Dj Broadcaster DsaBudget PickVirtual Dj Broadcaster Dsa
Image Line FL Studio 12 Producer EditionUpgrade PickImage Line FL Studio 12 Producer Edition

1. Ableton Multitrack Recording Software

Our rating: 9 / 10

Ableton Multitrack Recording Software

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  • Easy to use and full of features
  • Ableton Live is one of the most robust music production tools on the market
  • Fits almost any style of music production
  • Up-to-date with the latest version


  • Somewhat overwhelming with so many features
  • Pricey for a demo

If you’re looking for one piece of music production software that can take care of all of your recording, mixing, editing, and mastering needs, look no further than Ableton’s flagship program: Live. This powerful program will let you record audio and MIDI tracks, edit your existing tracks, and create everything from beat loops and samples to full-blown EDM tracks. It’s the program of choice for a lot of top DJs, producers, and other musicians, and it’s why you will find so many plugins and add-ons for it. Live also supports third-party plugins and hardware, which gives you a lot of options in how you want to create.

2. Image Line FL Studio 12 Producer Edition

Our rating: 8 / 10

Image Line FL Studio 12 Producer Edition

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  • Explore, experiment, learn, and create your own style with FL Studio
  • A massive community of FL Studio producers
  • One of the most consistent DAWs
  • Simple and powerful interface
  • Includes separate installer…


  • No 32-bit version, but you can easily find an installer online
  • Elaborate effects
  • Not suitable for beginners

This remarkable digital audio workstation has found its place alongside Logic Studio and Ableton Live in the professional world. It’s a great tool for DJs, producers, and even beginners.

This software has a prominent role in the world of electronic music, despite its stiff competition from other professional DAWS like Logic Pro and Ableton Live. FL Studio also boasts a huge community of enthusiasts, which continuously adapt the software to stay relevant and be user-friendly.

Studio12 is ideal for beginners who are looking to boost creativity and learn production. It’s also a great tool for DJs who want to record and remix music at home. Studio12 boasts an intuitive user interface that’s super simple to use for beginners, but also includes advanced features like built-in instruments and effects.

3. MAGIX Music Maker

Our rating: 6 / 10

MAGIX Music Maker

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  • Easy to use
  • Affordable and many templates are free
  • Big collection of music
  • The software can offer a lot of options for your creative freedom
  • A lot of videos are online to help you understand how to use the program and get a sense of its functionality
  • Numerous instruments to use
  • Smart Beat function identifies your BPM and shows you the right moment to add a new instrument
  • Real time mixing
  • All file formats are supported
  • Unlimited time for creating your musical piece


  • Only Windows users can access this software
  • Videos are online to help you but not all users are tech-savvy
  • The program might be difficult for beginners to understand
  • The complexity level of the program might be too much to function properly for others
  • It takes time and you have to be patient to learn the functions

4. Virtual Dj Broadcaster Dsa

Our rating: 5 / 10

Virtual Dj Broadcaster Dsa

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  • You don’t need professional skill to create a professional DJ set
  • Automatically mix your tracks
  • Works with iOS and Android phones and tablets
  • High-quality audio playback
  • Great visual tools
  • You can share live sets on video or share them on social networks


  • It can be difficult to use if you’re not tech-savvy
  • Potentially high learning curve (especially if you want to do advanced stuff)
  • It’s not cheap

The Virtual DJ Broadcaster DSA app makes it easy for amateur DJs to create pro sets with nothing more than a smartphone.

This software can be used to easily blend songs together. There are all kinds of visual tools available in the app for creating your DJ sets. If you want to keep the song –set’ private, you can use a password.

There are lower-priced versions of this app available. However, the DSA version is the one that you want. It’s the only version that will work on a Mac.

5. Serato DJ FX Kit

Our rating: 5 / 10

Serato DJ FX Kit

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  • Great for professional and beginner DJs
  • Includes sample packs
  • Makes it easy to customize club-style effects and transitions
  • Offers realtime tempo changes


  • Consistency issues reported in some cases
  • Can get quite expensive

Serato DJ is an amazing software for DJs of all levels. It’s the most used DJ software in clubs and at parties around the world. One of the cool features of this amazing software is the FX Kit. The FX Kit is a powerful tool that adds real-time audio effects and transitions to your performances. You can turn your crowd into a floor full of dancers by creating new sounds with this feature.

Another thing it has to offer is the ability to change the tempo of the music while you’re playing. Of the nine apps mentioned in this article, this is the only one that offers this feature. You can also add DJ effects and transitions with the help of 99 effects and nine transitions that are built in to the app. You can even add effects and transitions to your computer’s sound, adding to the same vibe.

6. MAGIX Digital DJ 2

Our rating: 4 / 10

MAGIX Digital DJ 2

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  • People who’ve used this software have found it pretty easy to use
  • It’s a complete software that offers tons of features to help you improve your mixes
  • The 3D party mode makes it look like you’re an amazing DJ no matter how much you suck
  • It comes with built-in tools that allow you to make sure your mixes are perfect
  • It is designed to work with a wide range of audio equipment
  • Features a built-in sound card so that you can hook your Mac up to your PA system without the need for any extra equipment
  • Works with all software-based controllers, no matter the brand
  • You can save your settings to the wish list to remind you of the features you’ve yet to explore
  • Has an extensive Equalizer with lots of selectable presets, providing you more creative freedom
  • Allows you to choose your levels during the music playback so that you can make sure you are at the right volume

7. Mix Vibes CROSS DJ Package

Our rating: 2 / 10

Mix Vibes CROSS DJ Package

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  • Easy to use with a logical layout
  • Great value
  • No need to pay for additional equipment to hook up a laptop to your sound system
  • Has a tight online community
  • Host of great professional features
  • Intro to DJ software a simple process


  • Lack of an integrated player
  • Some testers had issues with latency

The Mix Vibes Cross DJ app is one of the best DJ software apps that we’ve come across this year. Its intuitive interface guides you through the entire learning process without the need to understand complicated technical specifications. Beginning with the basics, such as simply loading a song, you’ll be mixing and scratching in no time!

This software program features a tight online community where you can learn more about DJing and communicate with other users. You can also share your music with others, and download beats, samples, and tracks from other members. Or if you would rather keep your collection locked up tight, the program has a built in audio and video converter.

To add a touch of professionalism to your mixes, the program includes four decks, extensive audio effects, a built-in sampler, and several other advanced features.


Our rating: 2 / 10


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  • Easy to Use
  • Powerful features
  • Not much lag with 4 or more tracks


  • Sometimes bugs get in the way of smooth mixing
  • Song queue feature is glitchy at times


For all the aspiring disc jockeys out there, drawing on decades of engineering, PCDJ DEX 3.0 is sure to make you feel like a professional. The interface is very powerful and you can mix up to 4 tracks at once.

There are tons of features with this program, and it’s still really easy to use. You can personalize the look of this program for your own preferences. There’s a ton of potential if you’re willing to learn how to use it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which is the best DJ software?

Today more and more DJ software is accessible to every man and his dog than ever before.

With Cakewalk, Virtual DJ, Traktor Pro, MixVibes, Serato, and DJay Pro, the competition is heating up for the number one spot.

Because there are just too many DJ apps on the market for many to be good, it makes sense to test them and choose one that actually works for you.

Not only the perfect software for finding the right DJ software, but also the best for beginners and intermediate DJs, DJʼs can use this article to help them connect with the right software for them.

What is the best DJ software for beginners?

Traktor Pro 2 is an extremely powerful DJ platform for DJs of all levels. With a constantly improving software, CDJ support, and easy-to-use interface, it is a favorite among most DJs.

However, if Native Instruments isn't quite your speed, then you have other great choices at your disposal.

Rekordbox was previously known as the Pioneer DJ CDJ for DJ software only. If you are more of a Pioneer fan, you can get the same functionality in a more affordable package with Rekordbox DJ.

You can also check out Serato DJ for more traditional DJ software. It is a bit more complicated (in terms of layout) than other choices and can feel a little overwhelming to new DJs.

However, Serato also has an interface that is familiar to both DJs and non-DJs alike.

What is the best DJ app for laptop?

If you are a DJ, then you'll need a laptop. When picking out a laptop, you need to make sure it is powerful enough to run the software of your choice, and large enough to fit your entire musical library or future-planned collection.

Today there are many great laptop options for the DJ, and the needs of DJs range from basic to complicated. When you think about the ranges of needs from a DJ, it's good to think about the needs of the individual(s) you the DJ will support.

For example, if you need to DJ for a family reunion, it's probably going to be different than the needs of a wedding party. That's why we've broken down the needs based on celebration, starting with the simplest – a DJ laptop for a family reunion.

What DJ software uses Spotify?

When it comes to finding a DJ app, you have a number of options. You can look into something like Serato which has a great beginner series of products to begin with.

But for something a little more unique, you might want to try some of these lesser-known programs.


As you can see there’s a huge range of software out there for DJs. Each one with different features to cater to the needs and browsing patterns of different types of DJs. So we decided to put together a list of each of these 9 different apps, so that you can decide which is right for you.

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Ableton Multitrack Recording SoftwareBest OverallAbleton Multitrack Recording Software
Virtual Dj Broadcaster DsaBudget PickVirtual Dj Broadcaster Dsa
Image Line FL Studio 12 Producer EditionUpgrade PickImage Line FL Studio 12 Producer Edition