10 Best Guitar Amps in 2022

Dave Mostert
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Guitar amps are a critical and irreplaceable part of the electric guitar setup. They also play an integral role, along with the guitar and its pickups, in creating the guitar tone that both you and your audience hear. They serve as the “source” of that sound as it’s sent through your cables and on to an amplifier.

Even guitarists who could play in an orchestra sound terrible without an amp to amplify the signal. If you need your guitar to make any sound at all, you need an amp. And why not get the best one that you can find for the job?

Below find some of the best guitar amps for sale in 2022.

Fender Champion 100Best OverallFender Champion 100
Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar AmplifierBudget PickFender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier
Monoprice 611815 15WattUpgrade PickMonoprice 611815 15Watt