How Long Do Airpods Case Take To Charge

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How Do I Charge the AirPods Charging Case?

Once your AirPods are low on juice, you can charge them conveniently by using the enclosed AirPods Charging Case. The case holds enough charge to fully charge your AirPods. Once the case is full, just plug it in and listen to music for hours.

How you charge your AirPods and when depends on where you are.

There are several ways to charge the case, but they are dependent on the location you’re in:

At Home

Head to a power outlet and plug it in using the included cable. It’s best to use an AC adapter instead of a USB port for faster charging. Let it charge until the lightning bolt icon shuts off. Then, it’s ready to go!

At the Gym

If you prefer to use your AirPods while getting some exercise, you can use the wireless charging case.

It’s easy! Just place your AirPods charging case in the wireless charging case holder and place it on any Qi capable charging pad.

On the Go

While on the road, plug it in using a USB port to charge it. We like to travel with our wall charger. It’s a USB to USB-C cable.

How Much Time Does it Take to Fully Charge an AirPods Case?

The recharge case included with your Apple AirPods is a convenient and portable bullet-shaped case that is designed specifically for portability and ease of use.

It’s the perfect way instead of charging your AirPods by their case on your power socket every time they run out of batteries.

The question above refers to the recharge case coming with your Apple AirPods. As it may be a bit confusing considering how there are many other options available in the market.

So then, how long does it take to fully charge an AirPods case?

To charge your AirPods case, simply place the case inside the charging case with the lid open. Set it on your charger. The battery will take 2 hours to fully charge and will supply power to AirPods for 24 hours… depending on your usage.

As mentioned above, the charging case can also be used to store your AirPods while you are not using them (which is more convenient than having to drag around separate charging cables).

But how long does it take to fully recharge the AirPods themselves? This is partially why you would want to fully charge the case when on the move.

How Do I Charge AirPods With a Charge Case?

When you have fully drained your AirPods’ internal batteries during a workout or on your commute, you can connect them to the charge case and they will recharge.

There are a few steps you must follow to charge your AirPods using the charge case.

Step 1]

First, connect the AirPods charge case to the Lightning port on your iPad.

Step 2]

On your iPhone's home screen go to Settings.

Step 3]

Then select Bluetooth.

Step 4]

Next, you'll want to switch off Bluetooth on your iPhone.

Step 5]

Now you can connect your AirPods to any Bluetooth device of your choice (i.e. speakers, your computer, etc.).

Step 6]

Once set up, reopen your iPhone Bluetooth settings screen.

Step 7]

After reopening your settings, you will notice that your AirPods are turned off.

Restart your iPhone and wait for the AirPods to get turned on.

ALWAYS HANDS OFF while the AirPods are recharging.

How Much Time Does it Take for an AirPods Case to Charge AirPods?

When you first get your AirPods, you’ll notice that one case has a small amount of charge while the other is completely dead. Then you put both of them on the wireless charger and put them on your nightstand.

Before you’ve had time for your morning coffee, the dead case is nearly charged and the other one is at least half full. What’s the deal? How long do AirPods case take to charge?

The AirPods case itself, which Apple calls a “battery case,” was listed as a “10-hour battery” in the marketing materials, but that’s only a half hour more than the AirPods themselves in wireless mode at this point.

The Mac Observer conducted a brief test with brand new AirPods and an A1265 battery case to find out more about how long do AirPods case take to charge.

We charged up the case for 15 minutes with an iPad charger and then while sitting idle on the charger monitored the battery charge. At ten minutes, the case was only charged up 3%, while the case was about 30% drained. The charging process paused for about ten minutes while it was on the charger.

How Much Talk Time and Playtime Can a Charging Case Provide?

One of the most frequently asked questions in connection to the Apple Airpods is how long does an airpods charging case take to charge?

Airpods charging case comes with a built-in battery that can give you up to 24 hours of charge (18 hours for listening and 6 hours for talking) with a single charge.

If you want to extend the life of the charging case, you should keep it plugged in and charge it whenever you’re at a power source. Again, 24 hours of charging is equivalent to three to four full charges of your earbuds.

A fully charged case provides roughly five hours of listening time for the Airpods and about two hours of talking time. You can juice up the Airpods from the charging case in an hour.

So when do you need to charge the case? It really depends on how much you’re using your air pods.

If you use them for an hour a day, they will need to be charged after three days. If you use them for two hours a day, you can expect them to last for about a day and a half. This makes them a really good companion for sleep for those that have been looking for a healthier replacement for sleeping earplugs.

Can You Overcharge an AirPods Case?

Sometimes it's hard to tell when your AirPods case is fully charged. Many people wonder if the AirPods case can be overcharged. The answer is no.

Unlike conventional batteries, the AirPods case uses a combination of chemical and electrical processes. This allows it to show the battery status through LED lights. It also prevents the battery from ever being overcharged.

As a result, you cannot overcharge an AirPods case, at least not in the traditional sense.

However, that does not mean you can just leave it plugged in indefinitely. There is no limit to the number of times that you can charge the AirPods case while it is in use.

Apple will, however, advise you to remove it from the charger when it hits 80-percent battery. This is probably for safety reasons, to avoid that the case is overcharged. It is recommended that you remove the case once the battery reaches 80-percent.

In addition, you can use the handy battery indicator on your iPhone to find out when to take out the case. If the battery indicator in the Control Center shows less than 20-percent while in use, the case's battery will soon be empty.

How Do I Know if my AirPods Case is Charging?

There are a few ways to see how your AirPods charging case is going:

Check the indicator light on the front of the case.

The light won’t tell you if the case is completely full, but it will give you a good idea of the charging status. The light indicators are on the front of the case, and they’re a little bit hard to see if you’re not looking for them.

Here’s what they look like:

Green light: The case is charging.

Amber light: The case is almost charged.

Red light: The case needs to be charged.

Check the battery status of your AirPods.

If you don’t have the case charged and aren’t using it to listen to music, there’s an easy way to put your AirPods into listening mode.

Just double-tap on either AirPod once and you can instantly start listening to music again.

Instead of an indicator light, you’ll get a battery indicator right next to the Bluetooth symbol on your screen.


The pods you get when you purchase the AirPods always have a full battery and they keep that way even if you leave them for months without using them. The AirPods themselves do not have a battery and they will still work if you run out of power on your pods. The pods are independently charged with their own case and all you need to do to charge them is put them in the case.