Why Your Mic is Not Working on Discord

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#1 – Logout and Log Back In

Sometimes you might encounter an issue with your mic functionality when connecting to Discord. If you suddenly get no response from your mic in any input field whatsoever, try logging out and logging back in again. To do this, click on your username at the top left of the screen and select "Log Out".

Once you're re-logged in, try your mic again.

#2 – Change Administrator Settings for Discord

Make sure that your mic is in the correct channel. If you have more than one voice channel type your name.

Then, select the correct channel with that name.

If you need keyboard shortcuts, you can use these keyboard shortcuts for the command line on your Discord. To open the command line tab, all you need to do is click the folder icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. From here, you can type in a variety of commands, including the following:

  • /admin – Shows notice to all members of the chat
  • /leader – Shows notice to yourself only
  • /memberlist – Shows your current list of members
  • /whoami – Shows your current member role
  • /kick [channel] [userName] – This will kick out a user from your channel
  • /leave [channel] [/t] – This means you will leave the channel
  • /invite [channel] [userName] – This will invite a user into a chat
  • /kickban [channel] [userName] – This means you will kick a user and ban them from your channel
  • /kickban [channel] [userName] [lengthInMinutes] – This is the same thing as /kickban, but this command will give that person a kick ban for a certain amount of time

#3 – Alter The Automatic Input Sensitivity Settings

Start Narrator and Click 'Start Listening' At The Top Of The Window.

Now Press 'Windows Key ' + 'Tab ' To Show The Taskbar, Find The 'Notification Area Icons 'And Click On The Small Volume Icon.

Click 'Open Volume Mixer' In The Menu.

Now Bring The Window To The Foreground And Press The 'Tab' Key A Few Times Until The 'Focus' Is On The 'Speaker / Headphones :…' Group.

Now Press The 'Up Arrow' On Your Keyboard To Increase 'Value:…' And Then Press 'Down Arrow ' On Your Keyboard To Decrease 'Value:…

This Is How I Set The Sensitivity On My Surface Pro 4:

  • Volume Sensor Calibration
  • Open Device Manager

Windows Key + R


  • Find 'HDA-Intel' Right Click and Select 'Properties'
  • In 'Property Window Select 'Driver' Tab
  • Select 'Configure'
  • Select 'Test' Tab
  • Click 'Advanced Tests' Select 'Sine Waves'
  • Find 'Test Frequency:' And Select '2000'
  • Select 'OK' And Hit 'Apply'

$$Audio test completed successfully :

#4 – Make Sure The Right Mic is Selected in Input Device

This is one of the most common reasons why your microphone is not working in discord. If you have been using the default device to use your microphone through discord, you might have accidentally selected the wrong device in the input devices screen in your discord settings. Switch the input device for the one you want (usually "Stereo Mix" for gaming headsets, "Line In" or "USB" for built-in computer mics, and "What U Hear" for mixamps).

#5 – Is Exclusive Mode Enabled on Windows?

====> Enabled Exclusive Mode: Allows multiple applications to use OpenGL.

Some apps (Discord for example) require exclusive mode to work. If you have got an application that requires exclusive mode, then check if this is enabled or not.

To check, open up the Control Panel. Now open up Programs and features. Select Turn windows features on and off. This will open a new window with a ton of features.

Now search for “Windows desktop composition”. This will be marked with a check mark. This means that exclusive mode is enabled.

Alternatively, you can also use the Command Prompt to check if Exclusive Mode is enabled. To do this open Command Prompt. To open Command Prompt in Windows 10, press the start button and search for Command Prompt. You can right-click on it and select Run as Administrator to open it as an Administrator. From Windows 8, you can right-click on the lower-left corner of your screen and select Command Prompt (Admin).

Now type the following command and hit Enter:

Drwtsn32.exe -n -config DISPLAY

The output will tell you whether or not Exclusive mode is enabled.

====> Disabled Exclusive Mode (Default): Allows multiple applications to directly share the video card.

To disable exclusive mode, enter the following command in Command Prompt.

#6 – Reset Voice Settings

The first thing you should try is to reset your voice settings. This will reset the microphone and push-to-talk settings to their defaults.

Launch Discord and open your User Settings.

In the left bar you should see a heading Voice & Video > then Microphone and Push to talk.

Toggle the "Push to Talk" setting to off.

Switch your microphone setting to either Push to Talk or the default of Open Mic.

Finally, return to your User Settings and remove what is still there from microphone permissions. This is an unnecessary redundancy.

Quit Discord and relaunch.

Now try your microphone.

#7 – Use Push to Talk

We strongly recommend that you use Push to Talk (referred to as PTT key) for voice communication.

PTT sends your voice instantly to other users currently on the same voice channel. This means that everyone can only hear you when you are pressing the PTT key.

This reduces background noise to almost nothing and greatly increases the quality of your voice transmission.

If you are playing with friends or teammates, please do yourself and them a favor and use a PTT key. You can use the default key (CTRL+SHIFT+K on Windows, CMD+OPT+K on Mac) or choose a different key from the drop-down list.

If you want to go pro, there is a Discord app for your favorite game console. You can do a search on the online store, system app store, or if you have friends with a PS4 or Xbox, ask them to recommend a Discord app.

They are available for the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch (requires a phone as well). If you already have an app for your phone, just add this to your Nintendo account.

Many mobile-first gamers brag about how much they “play on the couch”.

You can also use voice channels on the Discord app for iOS and Android. If you need to use a desktop computer, you can install the web client.

#8 – Alter Windows Microphone Settings

If you have additional microphones plugged into your computer, you might need to adjust your Windows settings to allow Discord access to these.

The easiest way to do this is by going into your Control Panel->Hardware and Sound-> Sound. Scroll down until you see the Recording tab and Use the following device radio button. Select your default microphone device from the drop-down menu and then click Set Default.

Now open up Discord and see if this helped with your problem.

#9 – Turn Off Quality of Service on Discord

Go to Preferences and then Audio. In Advanced Audio, turn off the Quality of Service option to make sure it isn’t causing the microphone issue.

When looking for different kinds of solutions, it’s always good to try one at a time. If this fixes the issue, you know the problem is with Discord.

If the problem comes back after toggling Quality of Service, then there’s a problem with your machine, and you should look elsewhere.


Video Calls and Screen Sharing in Discord are two great ways to talk to your friends and hang out. You can access these features by tapping the respective icon next to your buddy's name. You can send someone a video call request after they have added you. In the video call, you have a camera and a microphone. This means you can see and hear anything that you capture with your webcam. With the screen sharing feature, you can share and see your own desktop screen.

To make or answer a Discord Video Call, you need:

  • A Webcam
  • A Webcam integrated microphone
  • A USB microphone
  • A Mic that you have connected to your PC/Mac

Some Discord Video Calls are optimized to work with the Emotional Mixer for your microphone and webcam. It is usually convenient if your device is already optimized to run with EM. If you get an error message that your mic is not optimized, click here to fix this.

If you have any issues with the Video Call feature in Discord, please click here to post them for support.